Commercial Real Estate for Life Sciences Companies

The life sciences industry in California has become a major source of employment and economic activity. It is a billion-dollar market. Companies in the fields of biomedical sciences including pharmacology, virology, toxicology, parasitology and microbiology, neurosciences, biophysics, genomics, botany, ecology, entomology, food sciences and evolutionary biology, among others, are thriving. This has created a growing need for smart space in the state’s major metropolitan areas so they can draw on the region’s workforce.

Commercial real estate for life sciences leasing requires highly skilled negotiation and meticulous attention to document drafting. At McNellis Law, P.C., I provide life sciences companies with the knowledgeable legal assistance they need for:

My services include strategizing to optimize productivity during the process and supplying comprehensive explanations.

Converting Vacant Office Space is Complicated

San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco counties all have ample prospects of commercial spaces for lease or purchase for office and lab space. Converting vacant office space to lab is an ever-growing trend to meet the demand for space. Companies often lack dedicated internal real estate expertise to handle these complicated transactions. I endeavor to help successfully navigate these transactions efficiently and without distracting from the core focus of the business.

Accomplish Your Objectives with the Help of an Experienced Attorney

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